Welcome to Alfabetika!

Hello there, I’m Anne-Lise


As a visual creator who loves to innovate and play with children, my books and games have been a big success in Norway.  My ABC book, for example, have sold 22,000 copies in that country alone—that’s a lot for a small market! The products are being used by families, pre-schools and kindergartens there. The publisher who produces my book there, Barnebokforlaget, does not sell to foreign markets so I own all international rights, and am looking for representation in the US and elsewhere.


I have created a universe of original characters called Alfabetika.  The characters, based on letters and numbers, appear in simple books, flashcards and games.

Let me introduce you to the letters:
Take a peek at the first ABC book in this gallery:
This second book is published as a series of flash cards in Norway, but can as you see here easily be a bound book:


Here come the numbers:

The 123 Book:

A short video presentation of Alfabetika:

Please do get in touch:


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